Mission & Vision

The Manning School has been established by the Jefferson County School District as an option school for 7th and 8th graders.  The vision of The Manning School is to challenge all students to work to their highest potential by encouraging student responsibility as they develop intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally.

The Manning School philosophy is based upon the guiding principles that all students can achieve in an environment that includes rigorous standards for academic excellence, high expectations for student conduct and a close partnership between home and school.

The Manning School principal, in collaboration with the Accountability Committee, known as the Manning Partnership Committee, is responsible for keeping this philosophy alive and for ensuring that the school’s goals and programs are consistent with the philosophy.

The Manning School philosophy springs from community partnerships and a commitment to academic excellence and intellectual curiosity.  In order to ensure this standard, the principal, faculty and staff apply successful and proven educational practices and maintain an environment that emphasizes whole-student development and achievement, motivates teacher-guided and teacher-monitored instruction, and values time for learning.

Students will be challenged by an academically robust, relevant and rigorous curriculum. All content areas integrate traditional skills of reading, writing and mathematics to enhance and support 21st century skills of collaboration and technology as put forth in the Common Core Standards.  

A strong partnership between home and school, with parental involvement, goes hand-in-hand with meeting or exceeding these high standards.  This partnership is emphasized and embraced as one of the ways to prepare students for success in secondary school, college and future careers. Meaningful communication among staff, parents and students is essential to this partnership that ensures whole-student development and promotes the best possible outcome for each individual student.

A vital aspect of the program is the emphasis on high behavioral standards and the student’s responsibility for learning and conduct.

Behavioral norms, including safety, order and respecting the rights of others, are consistently and constantly enforced throughout the school.  As a result, the school provides its students a safe, respectful learning environment, where each student is expected to achieve his or her best.


In order to ensure that these guiding principles are met, The Manning School has the following expectations.  

  • Parents and students are required to sign and accept an Academic Contract that clearly defines and explains that high academic standards will be consistently upheld for all students within and across all subject areas.
  • All students are required to sign and abide by a Student Behavior Contract that sets out the standards for student behavior.
  • Parents are required to sign and support a Parent Involvement Contract which includes a framework for meaningful communication among staff, parent and students.
  • Additional learning opportunities are provided for all students exceeding or not yet meeting the defined standards. 
    Time on task is emphasized to ensure uninterrupted academic focus.
  • Teachers guide and monitor instruction using the Common Core Standards and district curriculum documents.
    Student misconduct is not allowed to interfere with educational experiences, and a respectful environment is maintained.
  • Safety, order and respecting the rights of others are school-wide norms.
  • Manning utilizes the internet to allow parents to monitor student grades. Grades are frequently updated and parents are encouraged to check regularly. 
  • Parent/teacher/student conferences are offered on a regular basis. 
  • Teachers are responsive to parents and afford students the opportunity to be responsible for their academic growth.


All 7th or 8th grade students who reside in Jefferson County will be eligible to enroll in The Manning School as an option to their neighborhood middle school.  Prior to enrolling their children at The Manning School, parents are urged to attend an information meeting where our school philosophy will be explained.

 Parents must complete an application during the spring semester of the year prior to enrolling.  All applications will be received and date stamped.  If the applications received exceed the number of slots available, a computerized random lottery process will be used to determine which students receive space.  Students who have siblings enrolled at The Manning School as current 7th graders will have priority enrollment as mandated by school board policy.  Upon completion of The Manning School, students will return to their neighborhood high school, unless parents apply to other high schools.  


A vital element of The Manning School program is the emphasis on high behavioral standards and student responsibility for learning and conduct.  This element creates a safe, respectful learning environment where each student is free to achieve his or her best.  The goal of any behavior-management system is to cause a positive change in student behavior so that recurrence of misbehavior is minimized.  Parents and staff may attend a Partnership meeting to discuss the format and statistics of discipline at The Manning School on a yearly basis.  The consequences for students who misbehave will be consistent, fair, firm, and immediate.  Consequences and processes for managing student behavior will be dynamic from one year to the next so that the behavioral standards remain high.

Consistent with Jefferson County School Board Policy AE-R-1, The Manning School is governed by the Manning Partnership Committee.  The committee meets not less than eight times during the school year, and anyone may attend the meetings.

The primary purpose of the committee is to plan ways to enhance the quality of education in the school by assessing needs and evaluating, setting and monitoring school-level policies and procedures.  A companion to the committee’s primary purpose is its role as guardian of The Manning School philosophy.  The committee works in collaboration with the principal.  Periodic evaluations of school programs may take place using various tools such as parent surveys.

 The Manning Partnership Committee:

  • Serves in an advisory and partnership capacity to the principal.
  • Coordinates input from the principal, staff, parents, students, parent/teacher organizations, community residents and others interested in improving education.
  • Formulates plans based on local school needs, taking into account district- and state-level goals.
  • Participates with the principal and staff in the cooperative development of an annual school accreditation plan. 
  • Increases community awareness of school improvement and the accountability process.
  • Provides a communication link between the school, area and district accountability committees.
  • Coordinates periodic evaluations of school programs and offerings.

The committee’s membership and operation are set forth in bylaws duly adopted pursuant to District Regulation AE-R1.  A copy of the bylaws is kept in the school library.

Day-to-day school operations are conducted by on-site administrative staff under the direction of the principal.  The principal communicates relevant, operational matters to teachers and parents through a school newsletter supplemented as needed by bulletins  The principal maintains an “open-door” policy for teachers, parents and students to express issues, concerns, or ideas for improvement of the functioning of the school.  Substantive issues, concerns, or ideas shall be reported at regular meetings of the committee.  The principal is responsible for implementing the accountability process in the school.


The Manning School periodically evaluates various school performance criteria, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Graduation/Attrition Rate.
  • Student Assessment.
  • Attendance Rate.
  • Curriculum Effectiveness.
  • Student/Parent Perceptions.
  • Geographical/Neighborhood Relations.
    st-graduate Success.

Performance benchmarks for these criteria are monitored and set, as appropriate, as part of the annual accreditation process.


Strong parental involvement is key to student success at The Manning School.  Such involvement requires an effective communication program among teachers, students, parents, administrators and the community.  Information about how parents and members of the community can get involved in the school is readily available through a variety of channels.  

These may include the following:

Parent-Teacher Association
Parent and teacher volunteers organize and assist in coordination of school activities and fundraising. Parents and teachers are encouraged to attend the monthly general meetings, to be on the PTA board and to chair or assist with a PTA committee.

The newsletter contains a school update from the principal, a schedule of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities, articles submitted by students, parents and the community.  Current and former newsletters are posted on the Manning website.

The website is maintained by staff members and/or school administration.  It contains links to general school information which may include a calendar of events and important dates, volunteer opportunities, extracurricular activities, staff members with contact information, newsletter, minutes from various school meetings, school closure information and other related sites.  Community members are able to contact school personnel via the website email links.

Open Houses
The community is periodically invited to attend Open Houses where they can learn more about the school.

Tutoring Program
The rigorous academic standards upheld by The Manning School make it important to offer extra help to students striving to meet these standards.  Teachers have regular tutoring times where students can receive academic help or complete make-up work. Students can also use time in the access period to receive extra help from teachers.

Manning Partnership Committee
Parents and teachers are encouraged to join the Manning Partnership Committee which is described in the Governance Section beginning on page 3 above.


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